Looking Back to Look Forward

28 September 2007

Donna Bogatin, blogger for InsideChatter, made some wonderful comments back in July.  She opined about the original Startup Weekend decision process regarding the opportunities considered for development. The following is snipped from what she wrote:

Truth be told, Startup Weekend actually required more than a weekend; Brainstorming for startup ideas took place online prior to the on-site intensive.

Did Startup Weekend participants take advantage of pre-planning time to do in-depth plans for the “next big thing”?

Market research perhaps? Census data review? Focus groups? NO indication of any such solid business planning development tools deployed.

From where did participants draw their startup inspirations then? From themselves, and their four year olds.

We’ve taken the core of these comments to heart here in Birmingham. Soon, rsn, we’ll have a submittal form for plans (*NOT* just ideas). Donna’s line of thinking factored heavily into early discussions of the planning committee. As I have written before, we want to create viable businesses out of this effort. With only 33 days until our “business dev” weekend, we’re looking forward with great anticipation!!


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