Thanks in advance to our Sponsors!

1 November 2007

Birmingham’s startup weekend event wouldn’t be on track without our great team of organizers.  But, what makes this effort truly amazing are the sponsors that have stepped up with their own expertise and/or special offering.  Here’s who’s on board as of this morning…

  • ITAC Solutions is the “presenting sponsor”… they’re putting up the $$$ to cover hard costs *AND* are sending staff to participate on the teams where their expertise will be most useful.
  • Burr & Forman‘s Technology Practice group is handling all of the legal work, pro bono.  This means that the winning team will get their corporate documents taken care of (filing fees with the state and county are the team’s responsibility) in the week interlude between the weekends.  They are presenting 3 topics on Saturday afternoon… how else can you get 2.5 hours of a lawyer’s time without having to pay for it?  <VBG>  And, they have taken care of the legal process to ensure that the resulting company ends up properly owning the intellectual property that we all help them create.  The firm is also hosting the selection event/reception on the first Sunday evening.
  • Innovation Depot is the primary venue for our event.  Thank you to Susan Matlock for letting us move in rent-free for the two weekends and thanks to Devon Laney for taking on the role of venue manager.
  • ComFrame Software and Westglenn Software are stepping up with modest amounts of cash and equally important manpower.
  • Buffalo Rock just yesterday confirmed that they will be providing participants in both weekends with an assortment of “high octane” soft drinks, such as Pepsi MAX and Mountain Dew Code Red (appropriate, eh?)… maybe even Mountain Dew Game Fuel.
  • Other partners include TechBirmingham, Microsoft, and BUG.NET

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