Topics for tonight

2 November 2007

Were covering elevator pitches, presentation techniques, market validation, competitive landscape, and marketing tonight.

Each team lead gave their elevator pitch in succession and once everyone was done we picked apart different techniques and what worked and what didn’t.  Everyone pitched in to offer realistic and productive suggestions about how each others’ elevator pitches could be improved.  Basically, we worked together to create succinct and impactful statements about what the company idea was all about.  Our goal is shorten the typical 2-5 minute utterance to a short 30-60 second explanation that states what the company is all about and will allow you to blend in anecdotes to support your assertion.

We talked about PowerPoint use *without* using PowerPoint <smile>.  A perfect slideshow that covers the topics we discussed is HERE.

Shawn Pearson is talking right now about the next batch of topics.  Each team will have all night and part of the morning to prepare their own ppt files and new and improved elevator pitches… and then pitch them to the organizers for feedback and further learning.


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