Presentations continue + dropoffs

3 November 2007

Today we’ve had review sessions with each of the remaining teams.  The lawyers are talking about choice of entity, intellectual property, and employee issues.

In other news, we are now down to 5 teams from the orginal 9.  One withdrew on Friday morning “just didn’t feel prepared for the time committment this weekend”.  Another didn’t show <imagine!>.  One was stuck in the Charlotte airport not able to return in time and may (for all we know) still be there waiting.  Then, after running through all of last night’s programs, one company ended up deciding that the team was better served to participate in the second weekend and withdrew around 10pm last night.

All that said… we have 5 teams that ran most of all night in moving their ideas forward.  One reported as little as one hour of sleep, but generally seemed to average about 4 hours.

Hope all of you are enjoying the live web broadcast.  We ARE muting the microphones during certain sessions under our agreements with the founders to not disclose certain details about their plans.  Most of our sessions with ‘speakers’ and the founders in the audience will be broadast from the laptop in the back of the room.  ALL of our sessions are being recorded with high-quality video and will be cleaned up and edited for broadcast on our website someday in the future.  Of course, the Alabam Public TV camera is roaming the halls recording components for their documentary (think Apprentice).


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