Founder’s Gratitude

13 November 2007

James Sutton, founder of CrossConneXion, just sent the organizers the following email:

I just wanted to email you guys and say thank you for EVERYTHING over the past two weekends. We learned sooo much and got so much out of the experience, namely a live Web site. Everybody worked so hard and took time away from their own businesses and families to help build this site. That was a huge commitment and we will never forget it. We appreciate and value all the time and feedback from you as well as Shawn, Brian, Jeff, Richard, Brian, Henry, Elena, Panzer and everyone else that participated.

This is a story that our family will tell for generations to come. Thanks for your personal help and guidance. I hope we can continue communicating as the site continues to develop and more features and functions are added. I will be meeting with comframe sometime this week as well. Thanks for making that connection. Also, when you all get ready to do the next Birmingham Startup, please let us know how we can help. We might not be able to write code, but we can get a story in the paper or on TV. That will save you some time.

Thanks again,

James and Marie

It was OUR pleasure, James and Marie!! The startup weekends may be over, but we’re not done with you just yet. Birmingham has got a great startup community all around you to encourage CrossConneXion and cheer your success.


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