Mark Your Calendars

12 December 2007

No, we’ve not set the date for the next startup weekends here in Birmingham, but I just heard from Tim Lennox at APT today.  They’re putting the final touches on the documentary about the first Birmingham Startup weekends.  They just shot a follow-up interview with the founders of CrossConneXion… kind of a “where are they now?” (all of a couple of months later).

Tim did give away a bit of a spoiler… the documentary ends with a segment where he asks me and Scott Ferguson if we are ready to do it again?  The two of us look at each other and make a joke that we need a few weeks to recover just to think about it.  It’s now been at least that long, as of this posting, and I can confirm that we’re considering dates in springtime 2008!  More details in the New Year.

So, mark your calendars!  The Alabama Public Television documentary about Birmingham Startup will air on Friday, 18 January 2008.  View it anywhere across the great state of Alabama on your local APT channel.  For those of you who can’t see it on television, we’ll find out if there will be a streaming version of the episode.


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