From “Barn Raising” to “Barn Storming” in Birmingham

4 April 2008

If our first effort was a “barn raising”, then this next event will be a “barn storming” giving the chance for multiple companies to be formed as part of a friendly competiton between teams to create the most exciting (and functional) Internet-based company by the end of the second weekend. Burr & Forman will hold a reception on the Monday following our weekends for all participants where the competing teams will make presentations and demos. A vote by the attendees will determine the winner.

The event provides a forum for individuals with web-based business ideas to compete and receive extensive guidance on how to build their business over the course of the first weekend. Selected teams who successfully complete the business development weekend are then connected with developers (web design, graphic artists, etc) who will compete to build a functional beta website over the following weekend. To register/apply for this event, please sign up on the website and join the ‘start a startup weekend’ group.

Gather your friends and peers… sign up here and invite others to join this exciting project!!!


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