Companies make presentations

3 May 2008

The participant companies are here at the Innovation Depot today.  Here are the companies and their founders:

  • BankersPipeline — George Barckley, Gardendale
  • KeepTheStory — Dannielle Branam, Pleasant Grove
  • GalleyPro — Travis Bryant, Birmingham
  • Vicaricature — Ed Alexander, PInson
  • Akkount — Ty Neil, Vestavia Hills
  • ProjectLunch — Richard Carruthers, Chelsea
  • Freelancers Intl. — Neal Farmer, Gadsden

Not presenting today is Cnido of Birmingham since the founder, Enam , is busy about a mile away graduating with the Master’s degrees from UAB.  We’ll give them feedback on their presentations later tonight after the revelries are complete.

We’re working on refining elevator pitches and will publish them at the end of the weekend.  To see the presentations, register to attend next Friday’s sessions.

– – – –

One quick apology… liveblogging in our new format is all but impossible.  See observations made in this posting from Boulder’s 2nd startupweekend.


2 Responses to “Companies make presentations”

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