Akkount Founder’s praise

4 May 2008

This came in Saturday night from one of our participants in weekend #1…

> I wanted to tell you and Birmingham Startup thanks for the
> incorporation today. I almost paid a local law firm a good sum of money
> two weeks ago to do this but opted out due to me realizing I shouldn’t
> be spending startup money to incorporation but rather in development.
> I was just going to settle for Legalzoom.com. It really means a lot.
> Anything I can do to help out in any way, let me know.
> On a side note, I’m bringing my “A” game tomorrow.

We’re happy to get this type of unsolicited feedback. We could ask questions and send out a survey to attempt to elicit feedback, but when someone pipes up and sends a nice note it means so much more to us. :^)


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