Candidate Companies for Weekend Build

7 May 2008

Ready to build a few companies this weekend?  Here’s a run-down of the businesses that have been formed (all are now registered corporations with the Secretary of State thanks to Burr & Forman, LLP).  Who will make enough progress in one weekend to stand out at the competition on Monday night?  Who will buckle under the pressure of compressing months of effort into a single weekend?    Who will decide that a regular paycheck is better or worse than the frenetic pace of entrepreneurism?!?  Only time will tell.  No matter what, it promises to be a fun weekend.

Each of these teams needs your help.  They are all going through this process seeking co-founders and general assistance.  Roles vary, but they typically need software developers, database experts, UI/UX designers, graphic artists, documentation writers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers.  Work on the projects can be done onsite at the Innovation Depot or remotely using any number of methods that companies implement for virtual workers.  Take a couple of hours out of your weekend on Friday night to at least check it out… if you’re like a few of us, you’ll get bitten by the bug.

Here are the four companies seeking team members, in no particular order, out of six that are competing this weekend:

  • is an online journal created for busy parents to help them collect family memories. It is designed to take advantage of small bits of time by using a microblogging feature (think Twitter yourself), and approaches writing as a conversation to help ideas flow more freely. Personalized journal prompts and voice to text features further encourage and streamline the process for busy parents. Many people have stories worth treasuring – they just need a quicker way of telling them so that they can be saved.
  • BankersPipeline Helps Community Banks Create Time and Money. Leveraging today’s open source services BankersPipeline helps community banker’s know more about customers at a fair price. Specific to a community banker’s needs, BankersPipeline manages retail customer Deposit and Loan (D&L) activity in a simple to use website. BankersPipeline’s Activity Intelligence Framework (AIF) creates one version of a customer’s activity profile without spending time collecting information from various sources. BankersPipeline/AIF automatically delivers the right information to the sales representative at the right time to help the customer make the right purchasing decision. Future versions of BankersPipeline will provide management with cross-selling performance reporting in addition to on-line sales coaching for each customer sales representative.
  • aims to be the premiere provider of books on the mobile platform. We will provide people with a place to go online and craft their novels, poetry, etc. and then allow them to send that via sms, ems, mms, etc. to their friends’ phones. We also have enterprise solutions to help traditional book publishers digitize their existing inventories of printed books, chop it up into manageable nuggets and move that content into the mobile space.
  • – Everybody needs a doctor, lawyer, and accountant. In choosing the right professional, people want more information to make decisions, and the web makes this possible. The niche market community rating sites has already been created for doctors and lawyers, and proven to be a success. provides this valuable service for the accounting industry. The site is a knowledge-based community rating site where certified public accountants (CPAs) are profiled and rated using publically available information. Then, customers can rate their accountant on each CPA’s profile, which can be claimed and personalized by the CPA. Future customers use our and the customer ratings to choose their next most trust business advisor. Plus, creates an open forum for accounting questions. Have you ever searched the web looking for an accounting question but not really sure if you are receiving the right answer? Anyone can ask any accounting question and receive an answer(s) from a credible, verified, and knowledgeable member of the nationwide CPA community.

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