“Birmingham Startup” is a startup weekend effort, but is in no way affiliated with Startup Weekend, LLC (owned and operated by the infamous Andrew Hyde).  Witness his statement:

Startup Weekend is the name of my company, and I have asked kindly you do not refer to your event as being associated with it.Andrew Hyde, blog comment dated 01NOV07

Birmingham Startup, Inc. is an independent entity incorporated for the following purposes, among others:

  • To organize the Birmingham Startup Internet Technology Weekend in Birmingham, Alabama, and to conduct any activities in furtherance thereof;
  • To render to others, and to engage in the business of rendering to others, consulting, advisory, administrative, industrial engineering, accounting, bookkeeping and other services of every nature, kind and character, which a corporation may legally render;
  • etc. etc.

We reserve the right to join with other startup weekend efforts across the globe in sharing best practices and our experiences.  Who knows where this may take us all.

See www.BirminghamStartup.com for details about what we’re doing!


One Response to “About”

  1. Hey, can someone please call me regarding this event. My partner and I would like to form our own team and participate in this. We already have a beta page for our app with over 500 signups for the beta. http://www.LessTimeSpent.com We think being in this event will MAKE us stop client work and do the app.

    Allan Branch

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