Miss the broadcast of the APT documentary about Birmingham Startup?!?  Are you one of our out-of town blog readers?  No worries… Tim Lennox of Alabama Public Television has just announced that they have encoded the COMPLETE BROADCAST and placed it online for your viewing pleasure.

For those of you following Mr. Hyde of Startup Weekend fame, you’ll (hopefully) observe the marked difference in our approach from the way things happen on “official” weekends.  Granted, this documentary spends 45+ minutes covering our business development weekend and about 5-8 minutes on the implementation weekend where we *built* the winning team’s online presence.  Nonetheless, you can get a good flavor from watching this video of our focus on ensuring BUSINESS VALIDITY before coding.



Post Pitch Interview with APTVIt’s time to set your Tivo/Moxi/DVR to record “Alabama Stories” On Alabama Public Television Broadcast Channel in High Definition – Friday, January 18th @ 7pm CST…

Start-Up Weekend with Tim Lennox
In early November, eight teams of entrepreneurs meet to pitch their technology business proposals to a Birmingham business incubator, vying to be chosen as the group to land the funding and then launch its company the next weekend. All of the proposals are Internet-based, and all want to be the next big thing. Reporter Tim Lennox follows the winning start-up from proposal to launch.


FindASpeaker - Certificate of CompletionNot quite the way we’d have described it.  The weekends were hosted AT the business incubator, but their staff wasn’t around to vett any of the concepts.  We also did not provide funding, unless you consider pro bono work a form of funding.  If we could rewrite the program description, here’s the way it would read:

Start-Up Weekend with Tim Lennox
In early November (2007), eight teams of entrepreneurs met to pitch their business proposals to a team of technology business professionals, vying to be chosen as the group to have their business built for free and launch a company the next weekend.  All of the proposals were web-based, and all wanted to be the next next thing.  Reporter Tim Lennox follows the winning start-up from proposal to launch.

We’ll have to wait until Friday 7-8pm CST to see the broadcast ourselves and see how it all plays back in High Definition.
APT interview of CrossConneXion

Mark Your Calendars

12 December 2007

No, we’ve not set the date for the next startup weekends here in Birmingham, but I just heard from Tim Lennox at APT today.  They’re putting the final touches on the documentary about the first Birmingham Startup weekends.  They just shot a follow-up interview with the founders of CrossConneXion… kind of a “where are they now?” (all of a couple of months later).

Tim did give away a bit of a spoiler… Read the rest of this entry »

The founders were interviewed tonight by Alabama Public Television for the documentary in the “main street” of Innovation Depot… it’s Sunday night of the 2nd weekend and we’re in here cranking out code and tidying up things on the new site. They are literally sitting in the spotlight. :^)

Some of the implementation team have come and gone. Some promise to come back once their kids (there are only two 20-somethings in the group) are situated at home. Two have dragged their wifes here for awhile to garner ‘free passes’. The oddest thing about it right now is that we have 3 JAVA guys hacking “dot net nuke”. I’m just watching and breaking things periodically on the test server.

Oh what fun we are having!

BTW, anyone know where the Advil is?!?

APT logoWe’ve been keeping this under wraps until now, but we are happy to announce that Alabama Public Television has selected the Birmingham Startup project for an upcoming documentary in hi-def.  The following paragraph from their website describes the team:

“The Documentary Production Department is dedicated to telling Alabama stories in ways that make them not only relevant to Alabamians but to the nation as a whole. Through strong production values and an eye for the unique, the Department seeks to chronicle those people and places that have always deserved attention but somehow slipped through the cracks.”

A camera crew will be on hand the entire time each weekend.  Mr. Tim Lennox, anchor of For the Record, will be joining us on Saturday since he’s busy with his live broadcast tonight.  An air date of mid January 2008 has already been set.  :^)