This morning’s Birmingham Business Journal contains a story about our efforts.  It was written to educate the local business community about what we’re trying to accomplish.  What’s interesting is that the reporter tracked down Andrew Hyde and got some background material about the Startup Weekend concept.

What follows below is some quoted text from the tail end of the article and my comments:

In New York, the startup weekend, held last month, produced an Internet-based company called Favoreats! which will be a consumer-driven resource to find the best hamburgers in the city.

… not exactly true.  Favoreats is all about finding the best meals, not just hamburgers, I’m sure.

Picture of Andrew Hyde from a newspaper article about the Boulder founder Andrew Hyde, a 23-year-old former interactive designer, started his new company following a conversation with some Boulder-based entrepreneurs.

Since the first startup weekend in Boulder, he has made the company his full-time job and now spends five days a week traveling and has 14 events lined up this fall, including Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, Dublin and London.

So, the question that occurs to me… if we invite him to Birmingham who pays for his visit/time if it’s now his full time job?

Hyde said launching a new company is not as important as strengthening the tech community in each of the cities where startup weekends are held.

“If you create a cool company that makes money, that’s cool, but the main goal is to help the community,” Hyde said. “You have a better product in the end if you do it that way.”

TechBirmingham logoAbout this I totally disagree, at least as it relates to Birmingham.  TechBirmingham is OUR community’s effort focused on strengthening the tech community.  The organizers behind our startup weekend effort are first and foremost looking to build companies that make money. We’re capitalists and entrepreneurs. The feel-good PR and coordination of efforts is a task for TechBirmingham and there’s no reason to overlap.  In fact, many of us are intimately involved in TechBirmingham, many holding board seats and other leadership positions in the non-profit.

Well, nonetheless, the word is now out in the local Birmingham community. We’ll have more big news to announce in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on this blog and our main website for all the details.