GalleyPro Wins

12 May 2008

We just announced the winner… by an overwhelming margin, the winner of the 2nd Birmingham Startup pitch contest is GalleyPro! The entire audience voted, but the judges seemed to favor this pitch as well.

Birmingham Startup #2's Judging Panel

The judges were (left to right as shown above):

  • David Gray, DAXKO – representing tech company CEOs
  • Grey Wood, Jemison Investments – representing Venture Capital
  • Susan Matlock, Innovation Depot – representing incubation and entrepreneurism

This evening we are at Burr & Forman.  Five companies are giving their pitches.  The judging panel is pounding each entrepreneur with questions.  Once we hear all of the presentations, a ballot will be distributed and a vote taken.

Birmingham Startup presentations

Ready to build a few companies this weekend?  Here’s a run-down of the businesses that have been formed (all are now registered corporations with the Secretary of State thanks to Burr & Forman, LLP).  Who will make enough progress in one weekend to stand out at the competition on Monday night?  Who will buckle under the pressure of compressing months of effort into a single weekend?    Who will decide that a regular paycheck is better or worse than the frenetic pace of entrepreneurism?!?  Only time will tell.  No matter what, it promises to be a fun weekend.

Each of these teams needs your help.  They are all going through this process seeking co-founders and general assistance.  Roles vary, but they typically need software developers, database experts, UI/UX designers, graphic artists, documentation writers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers.  Work on the projects can be done onsite at the Innovation Depot or remotely using any number of methods that companies implement for virtual workers.  Take a couple of hours out of your weekend on Friday night to at least check it out… if you’re like a few of us, you’ll get bitten by the bug.

Here are the four companies seeking team members, in no particular order, out of six that are competing this weekend: Read the rest of this entry »

by cismet_geeks via FLICKR
by cismet_geeks via FLICKR

We’ve put a group of companies through the Business Development weekend.  They’re now further polishing their presentations and are getting ready to present to developers this Friday night in hopes of attracting a small team to build each application, or a prototype thereof, by the following Monday night.

Ever dream of joining a startup?  Not know where to start?  There are different ways of making yourself known, but we’ve got 5 of the 8 companies formed over last weekend who are specifically seeking your talent.  Sign up to participate in this weekend’s development charrette and show up this Friday evening at the Innovation Depot to listen to their business concepts.

  • BankersPipeline – simple customer management; could be built opensource by adapting SugarCRM 
  • KeepTheStory – microblogging and more; could be buit by adapting WordPress and needs some widgets
  • GalleyPro – web 2.0 publishing and widgets
  • Cnido – matchmaking for medical procedures; needs database and forms
  • Akkount – reputation management system; could be a RoR application

Pick the one that you like and join their team… you could be a co-founder, eventually become an employee, garner a share of the revenues, and/or just code for food and the adrenalin rush of competing in the presentations on Monday night atop the Wachovia Tower downtown!  At minimum, you will definately get some cool swag (first come, first served) and we’ll feed you pizza while you listen to the initial presentations.

Review the agenda and register today!