by cismet_geeks via FLICKR
by cismet_geeks via FLICKR

We’ve put a group of companies through the Business Development weekend.  They’re now further polishing their presentations and are getting ready to present to developers this Friday night in hopes of attracting a small team to build each application, or a prototype thereof, by the following Monday night.

Ever dream of joining a startup?  Not know where to start?  There are different ways of making yourself known, but we’ve got 5 of the 8 companies formed over last weekend who are specifically seeking your talent.  Sign up to participate in this weekend’s development charrette and show up this Friday evening at the Innovation Depot to listen to their business concepts.

  • BankersPipeline – simple customer management; could be built opensource by adapting SugarCRM 
  • KeepTheStory – microblogging and more; could be buit by adapting WordPress and needs some widgets
  • GalleyPro – web 2.0 publishing and widgets
  • Cnido – matchmaking for medical procedures; needs database and forms
  • Akkount – reputation management system; could be a RoR application

Pick the one that you like and join their team… you could be a co-founder, eventually become an employee, garner a share of the revenues, and/or just code for food and the adrenalin rush of competing in the presentations on Monday night atop the Wachovia Tower downtown!  At minimum, you will definately get some cool swag (first come, first served) and we’ll feed you pizza while you listen to the initial presentations.

Review the agenda and register today!